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Aqara Smart Curtain

Xiaomi introduced a lot of products in the past 10 days, even more than we used to: the announcement is now taking place almost once every two days. First, the company released the AMAZFIT Health bracelet, a Weloop Hey 3S watch and a QiCycle children's bicycle.

Today, Xiaomi Aqara launched a new unusual product: Wi-Fi controller for curtains. This is the 81st product on the MIJIA platform, which is launched using crowdfunding. Its name is Aqara Smart Curtain Controller, which is a special curtain rod with a motor for opening and closing curtains.

In particular, Aqara Smart Curtain Controller uses the low-power ZigBee 802.15.4 Wi-Fi protocol and is connected to the Mi Home home automation kit. By connecting to Smart Home, the gadget can be controlled from your Mi-smartphone. With the help of the program, you can also set the time of opening and closing the curtains automatically.

In addition to control using a mobile phone, we can use the wireless remote that comes with the kit. When you connect a smart home controller to the gateway, the Aqara Smart Curtain Controller will automatically open the curtains when you approach the window (the proximity sensor from the Mi Home kit is triggered).

The Aqara engine is designed in such a way that if you encounter resistance or an obstacle in motion, it stops automatically. The noise produced by the device is only 30 dB, so this is a really quiet and unobtrusive smart gadget.

The price of Aqara Smart Curtain Controller is 999 yuan, which is about $ 144. The novelty will go on sale June 15. The weight of the device is 50 kg, so delivery from China can fly into a pretty penny.