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Aqara Smart Curtain

Xiaomi introduced a lot of products in the past 10 days, even more than we used to: the announcement is now taking place almost once every two days. First, the company released the AMAZFIT Health bracelet, a Weloop Hey 3S watch and a QiCycle children's bicycle.

Today, Xiaomi Aqara launched a new unusual product: Wi-Fi controller for curtains. This is the 81st product on the MIJIA platform, which is launched using crowdfunding. Its name is Aqara Smart Curtain Controller, which is a special curtain rod with a motor for opening and closing curtains.

In particular, Aqara Smart Curtain Controller uses the low-power ZigBee 802.15.4 Wi-Fi protocol and is connected to the Mi Home home automation kit. By connecting to Smart Home, the gadget can be controlled from your Mi-smartphone. With the help of the program, you can also set the time of opening and closing the curtains automatically.

In addition to control using a mobile phone, we can use the wireless remote that comes with the kit. When you connect a smart home controller to the gateway, the Aqara Smart Curtain Controller will automatically open the curtains when you approach the window (the proximity sensor from the Mi Home kit is triggered).

The Aqara engine is designed in such a way that if you encounter resistance or an obstacle in motion, it stops automatically. The noise produced by the device is only 30 dB, so this is a really quiet and unobtrusive smart gadget.

The price of Aqara Smart Curtain Controller is 999 yuan, which is about $ 144. The novelty will go on sale June 15. The weight of the device is 50 kg, so delivery from China can fly into a pretty penny.

Christmas Guide: our gift ideas for a smart home

You probably have people around you who swear by home automation. They have had motorized blinds for more than twenty years and never miss a technological innovation... They will have to find something for them for Christmas.

Your friends are at the cutting edge of technology and their homes look like those of a secret agent? They are well equipped, but don't worry, whether it's a Wi-Fi video bell or a connected mini-garden, you'll see that there's still plenty to please them.

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Aqara smart home starter kit (under 100€)

Aqara is a revolutionary brand to the smart home market because of its best price and great quality. It was impossible to build a basic smart home system (gateway, wall/wireless switch, smart plug, sensors) under 100€. But Aqara has already made it happen.

Philips Hue bulb starter kit (200€)

At the base of any connected house is perfectly adjustable lighting, and that's precisely the promise of Philips Hue bulbs. Successful design, efficient design, these bulbs are managed from consoles sold separately or from a very well thought out Android / iOS application. You can of course adjust the light intensity, but also the color among 16 million! It is then possible to create very different atmospheres and control its lighting from almost anywhere. Of course, if your Internet connection is down, it is still possible to use these bulbs normally from a switch.

Belkin home automation switch WeMo (50€) 

The Belkin WeMo home automation switch is an essential gadget for any connected home.  It plugs into an electrical outlet and then allows you to turn any device connected to it on or off.  This can be done remotely, of course, thanks to the 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi connection of your tablet or smartphone.  An application (WeMo) designed by Belkin takes care of all this and the use of this accessory is child's play.  Don't be afraid to leave a device on when you leave... check it from your smartphone!

Logitech Harmony Elite remote control (300€)

An essential reference in the world of remote control, the Harmony Elite is simply the best in the business. Compatible with more than 270,000 devices, it not only controls television, but can also support an audio/video amplifier, lighting, intelligent thermostats, etc. It can control up to 15 of these devices simultaneously, but its handling remains child's play: only the configuration part is a little more delicate. The Harmony Elite is beautiful, well designed and can even interface with your smartphone or tablet for even more comfort.

HoneyGuardian, the Wi-Fi feeder (160€)

The HoneyGuardian Wi-Fi feeder is the perfect complement to Whistle 3. If it allows you to monitor your pet's activity, HoneyGuardian allows you to adjust your pet's diet. Whether you are at home or on vacation for 15 days, the feeder is able to dispense portions of which you will have determined the quantity at intervals set by you. Of course, Wi-Fi features allow you to control it remotely and get feedback directly to your smartphone. Nearly 6kg of food can be stored there to be quiet for a long time.

Lilo, the connected vegetable garden (100€)

If not everyone has a green thumb, it doesn't mean that you have to forget about a small vegetable garden and in the case of a connected house, the solution lies in this product designed by Lilo. The entire vegetable garden is managed very precisely, perfectly calibrated pots are delivered, automatic LED lighting is integrated and it is possible to control its intensity directly from your smartphone... For the rest, there is almost nothing to do: watering is done twice a month and an ingenious float system ensures that you don't forget. Then all that remains is to pick and consume!

iRobot Roomba 650 (350€)

What would a connected house be without its vacuum cleaner? Roomba is undoubtedly one of the world leaders in this field. His Roomba 650 is often presented as THE reference and his reputation is not usurped. The suction is more than adequate, but it is above all in its ability to sneak in everywhere that the Roomba impresses. Its low height allows it to pass under many pieces of furniture while its sensors perfectly detect all obstacles, stairs and other edges. He works alone without necessarily being at home and only has real problems with the carpets.

Moulinex intelligent multi-cooker Cookeo (250€)

The Cookeo robot is what is called an intelligent multi-cooker. In other words, a device capable of giving a real helping hand to all those who are not necessarily very comfortable in the kitchen... while saving a lot of time for others. Equipped with a 6-litre bin, it can be used to prepare dishes for a maximum of six people, but it is above all its entirely tactile interface, its recipe book (150 basic) and its USB port that allows regular updates that have seduced us. The preparations are displayed step by step so as not to miss anything and the six cooking modes allow for a beautiful variety. An expensive product, of course, but with an excellent reputation.

Nest Protect Wi-Fi smoke detector (120€)

In the small world of smoke detectors, there are the very simple products that scream as soon as they perceive the slightest suspicious scroll and there is Nest Protect. The so-called 2nd generation detector is, like many others, capable of detecting smoke and carbon monoxide, but its connected interface allows you to do so remotely, from your mobile for example. As soon as a danger is detected, the device can send a notification or an audible signal and from the mobile phone, it is possible to turn off the alarm in order to avoid a false alarm if, for example, we know that we will trigger a large smoke in a very specific way. Smart sensors... or not too stupid, it changes life!